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Warzone 2100 is Now Free to Play on Steam

What’s better than a classic RTS game? How about if that game was free? The hit 1999 game Warzone 2100 has released on Steam at no cost.

Brought to our attention by PC Gamer, Warzone 2100 has been ported for modern PC and made available on the popular game service, Steam. Anyone with a Steam account can download and play the game in its entirety, absolutely free.

Granted, we shouldn’t be surprised about the price. The original developers, Pumpkin Studios, released the source code to the game back in 2004. That code was picked up by Underdone Gaming, a community of gaming enthusiasts that updated the code for Steam and published it. While we can’t confirm if they got “permission” to publish the game, we don’t expect them to have much trouble since Pumpkin Studios shut down in 2008.

What made Warzone 2100 stand out was the level of customization the player had for their units. Primarily in the form of tanks, units could upgrade their chassis, drive system, and combat turrets. This allowed for a greater diversity during moments of combat, with teams drawing on their strengths, regardless of unit types.

When not managing units, players would also take part in the artillery battles. Each team could fire long-range artillery and try and spot enemy artillery. PLayers effectively had to play two games at once, managing direct combat while looking out for enemy airstrikes.

If you want to take a dive back into a nostalgic classic, or have never played and want to see what inspired countless gamers before you, why not give Warzone 2100 a shot?