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This Modder is Converting Skyrim into an RTS Game

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is one of the most modified games of all time. There have been thousands upon thousands of mods in its lifetime. And here soon, that will include a real-time strategy mod.

The “Skyrim RTS Mod Revamped” mod, produced by DisgruntledWombats and first reported by DSOGaming, is looking to convert Skyrim into a working RTS game, complete with multiple maps and a campaign.

The mod implements a slew of classic RTS concepts, from base building to resource management. The player can spawn soldiers using the metal and bread they produce while preparing for combat against the rival faction.

Currently, the mod offers two maps. In the first map, the player leads the Imperials in a fight against the Stormcloak rebellion. They must fend off the attackers while leaving their leader alive. The other map flips it, having the player control the Stormcloaks while they recruit fighters to go against the Imperials.

If you’re excited about this idea and already own a copy of Skyrim for PC, then you can try out the currently available demo on Nexus Mods. The mod is still deep in development and may not look the best, but the project shows a great deal of promise. We’ll be watching it closely, for sure.