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Miner’s Mettle is a Rails Shooter RTS Game with Space Trains

It can be hard to find some variety in the RTS genre. Don’t fret for boredom, though. One game does exactly that, merging RTS with a rail shooter of all things. Introducing the steampunk future of Miner’s Mettle.

Miner’s Mettle is a game about trains. Except these trains are militarized on an unwelcoming, unlivable planet with plenty of competition. In order to survive, Mining operations need to have more than just drills. They need artillery and mobility to gain dominant control over the valuable mineral that resides there: Pentum.

When not in combat, the player navigates their train line, searching for mineral deposits. Upon returning to base, the player can upgrade, research, and build to become a more dangerous railway warrior.

Miners mettle rts rails shooter

But you’re not alone, there are four rival factions on the planet, all fighting for Pentum. Carefully pick what equipment and resources to stock your train with to gain a strategic advantage over any invading enemies.

Miner’s Mettle offers both Single Player, Co-op Multiplayer, and a Horde mode. Those wanting a real challenge can participate in 1v1 and 3v3 multiplayer games, as well.

We love this creative take on the game. It looks like a fascinating mix of real-time shooting and strategy. There really aren’t enough games with death trains in them.

Miners mettle rts rails shooter

Miner’s Mettle will be releasing in Early Access on Steam on February 26. It’s developed and published by Singular Scheme. This will be their first game. Good luck, fellas!

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