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Gears Tactics will NOT have Microtransactions or Multiplayer

Gears Tactics will be one of the most prolific titles to enter the strategy genre this generation. And with that comes a certain degree of pressure. But according to the developers, we don’t have to worry about some unsavory modern monetizations.

According to a tweet by Coalition studio head Rod Fergusson, the upcoming title will not have microtransactions of any form in the game, nor will it have a multiplayer mode.

“For those asking, #GearsTactics is single player and has no micro transactions. Not even cosmetic ones. Everything is earned in game.”

Gears Tactics is a turn-based strategy spinoff of the popular third-person shooter, Gears of War. The strategy game takes place about 12 years before the first game. Instead of controlling large armies, the game takes the XCOM approach, having single characters play vital roles on the battlefield.

Gears Tactics will release on April 28, 2020.