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Dark Moon is a Somber Space Survival RTS

They say there is no place as vast, empty, and lonely as the dark side of space. But this place is your home in Dark Moon, a real-time strategy survival game.

Developed by Jujubee S.A., Dark Moon sets the player on the dark landscape of the moon, having to rely on local resources and a traveling base known as the mechaplex to survive. Players can travel, upgrade, research and more to establish safety in the treacherous shadows of night and lethal solar rays of the day.

This is an uncommon take on the RTS genre. Instead of pitting players against each other or against hordes of AI enemies and monsters, the main threat of the game is the environment. Survival is the main component, instead of war. And we have to say, it looks really good, too.

Dark Moon will release on PC in June of 2020. The game can be found and wishlisted on Steam now.